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So Necronomicon Providence 2015 has come and gone, and it was truly amazing – we had such a great time!  The panels were excellent, with some of our favorite authors and content creators giving great talks, and events like live recordings from HPLHS, H P Lovecraft Literary Podcast, and Lovecraft eZine.  The convention was very well run too – I particularly liked the way they set up the vendor room this year, versus setting the vendors up in the hallways like the last event.

Before the convention I had an idea – I had a number of books by authors and editors I really enjoy, like Joe Pulver and Ramsey Campbell, and I thought it might be cool to get them autographed.  It was a big stack of books, though, and there are other content creators like Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey and Leeman Kessler who don’t really have books out, and I wanted to get their signatures as well.  To solve this dilemma I created a big leather bound book full of crisp parchment pages – if you’re at a Lovecraft convention, why not go big, right?  I wound up getting all the signatures I really wanted, and some additional authors who I just met at the convention as well.  The whole thing came out great, all the people I asked to sign seemed genuinely happy to do so, and some even did artwork!  (more…)

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