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One Last Mission

An author friend of mine was commenting about some of the outlandish novels that he was seeing advertised to him on Facebook, and came up with a hilarious synopsis for a story… So of course, I had to try to write it.

From Rory Raven: “When an ancient druid puts out a contract on Cthulhu, this retired samurai decides to take on one last mission.  But he can’t do it alone — it looks like he’s going to have to patch things up with his long-estranged partner, Bigfoot.”

One Last Mission  

By Chad Anctil 

The stranger appeared to Hiro out of the trees on the south side of the garden, but did not move closer.  The silence of the stranger’s approach through the trees told Hiro that it was no mortal man, but probably one of the forest kind who still inhabited the woods and streams where man’s influence had not yet corrupted.  Hiro stood still, his old body tensed and ready to act if he needed it to, but he felt that would not be required here.  He nodded once to the figure, and it glided out of the shadows and approached him smoothly.  

The figure was human-like, but Hiro could tell that was a ruse to put him at ease.  The figure gave off an aura of great age, and smelled of the deep earth.  It wore robes of deep green and brown that seem to have been made of earth and moss and branch.  Its hands were gnarled like tree roots, but Hiro knew they could move with frightening speed and cut deeply, if given the chance.  

“Hiro Sōdomasutā, I am Traj Nandi, high druid of the deep caverns, and I come on behalf of the-” 

“I know who you speak for, druid.” Hiro said, without malice but also without patience.  “And you have entered my domain uninvited.  Many who have been so brazen have never left this place…  Even those such as yourself, as I think you are aware.” 

Traj Nandi nodded and made a slight bow to the old man.  


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